2 Tips You Need to Know When Going to the Cancun Airport

Traveling to Cancun can be a fun experience. That is if you know what to expect and what to do once you arrive at the airport. The following two tips will not only save you money but make your experience a much more pleasurable one.

Tip Number One:

After you arrive at the Cancun airport and get through customs, there is one part of the airport you must look out for. This part is right before you exit to go outside. There will be a lot of people on both sides. These people will start hounding you. They will ask who your travel company is. If you tell them they will say that that is who they represent. Do not believe them. You should ignore them and just keep walking until you get outside.

These people are timeshare people. They will offer to give you a ride to your hotel for free. If you go with them you will be stuck for at least half a day while they take you for a tour of the hotel they are actually hooked up with. They will try and hard sell you for hours.

My advice is to just keep walking until you get outside where your transportation you have booked will be waiting.

Tip number 2:

You can not take a taxi from the airport to your hotel. Taxis are not allowed where you must walk out of the airport to get transportation. For this reason you should book your transportation in advance. And only book it one way from the airport to the hotel. If you book it for a round trip, They will not show up to take you back to the airport. Yes, this happened to me last year. Luckily I paid with paypal and got my money back.

About 2 days before you are going to leave to go back to the airport, book your ride back. The cancun airport transport to grand fiesta americana people at whatever hotel you are staying at can help you with this. It will save you a lot of aggravation and make your trip a more enjoyable one.

By following these two tips, you will have much less to worry about and much more to enjoy.

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